About Us

About TOPS S. S. School!

We are eager to give you best Education to your wards.

We are delighted that you are taking a moment to visit the TOPS S. S. School website. I am confident that these pages will provide a rich sense about our school. The images you will see reflect more than just our modern and comfortable premises. They should also provide you with a sense of the diverse and educational environment, vibrant student life and sense of community which exists within our walls and in our playground.

At TOPS S. S. School we teach children the skills and give them the tools to become bilingual, curious, collaborative, caring, autonomous and agile learners while achieving their personal best in a fast moving world.
We mentor our students to give their best effort and become leaders that influence and inspire those around them. Although we can never be certain about the future, we may already predict that this type of leadership will require our students to respond to an international and rigorous environment and work across cultures and borders. Technology coupled with an innovative mind-set will allow our students to navigate confidently through the world in this manner. In order to achieve this, we expect our staff and students to practice a hard-working, curious and resilient mind-set. We work hard to create an open-minded and rigorous learning environment for our students and staff, that brings together different people, cultures and ideas. We believe that each student is unique and deserves to be treated likewise; we use individualised teaching and learning practices in order to respond to this idea. We encourage every student to give his/her best in every subject. This school is focused on the mind and heart of its staff and students. Students will leave our school prepared for academic excellence, proficient in more than one language and comfortable with exploring their own academic curiosity through research and exploration. Students will make lifelong friends and learn about the importance of service within one’s neighbourhood and the World. We are determined to guide each student in overcoming their individual challenges by using and developing their strengths and by working hard. Students will learn to embrace failures as necessary steps of growth. They will learn to be comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones and constantly challenge themselves. Practicing these values of academic excellence and personal growth will guide our students to live a productive and happy life.

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